Benefits-Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)-ISO PROS #19

Benefits of Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)

Most of the companies that are trying to obtain Gluten-Free Certification tend to be small and dedicated to only this type of product. After all, there is something you might have noticed by owning one or searching about it: producing gluten-free food and products isn’t as cheap as going for other options. Now, we recommend you to not think too much about expenses and costs since you should be aware of how much you might need to handle your company in this industry.

Instead, make sure to learn more about the certification you will need from now on and why it is a must. As you can figure out, a GFC is a seal of approval in this area that guarantees customers you are able to provide healthy food and products for their celiac disease or gluten-related conditions. Knowing this alone gives you a clear idea of the benefits you are obtaining from it since gluten-free products are considered to be of high-standards due to the work companies have to go through to provide them.

You might think that obtaining the certification only takes 20 ppm of gluten in your products, but meeting this requirement is quite difficult, especially if you weren’t familiar with it until now. After all, evaluating or assessing the ingredients you use and making sure they also meet specific requirements to be used is crucial. Yes, the food industry and supplying it can take a lot of work and effort when you think about it, but it is worth the struggle once you get used to it and start enjoying all the benefits.

In the case of GFC, what would be the major benefit of all of them? The simple fact of fabricating products under a standard that will allow celiac people or with gluten-related diseases to ingest the products without worries.

As a company, how do you benefit from this certification?

The GFC works quite simple when you think about what you obtain from it. Previously, we mentioned the major and principal benefit of it, but what about the rest? Besides, companies would consider the aspect of being capable of making products for specific customers as a benefit from them—not for the company—. 

However, we consider that it is also a benefit for you since your company will be able to specialize in only one aspect that is usually difficult for large companies or businesses to obtain and make possible. Now, if you want to look at it as something more commercial and long-term benefits, we can mention a few ones:

  1. Customers will feel—and be—safe when buying and consuming your products.

In history, many companies have been removed from their seal of approval due to the infractions about the amount or quantity of gluten in their products. Since the certification lasts a year, there are still several months for companies to develop new products before the next assessment or evaluation to renew it. However, when developing or making a new product it is crucial to go through the process again not to obtain a new certification but to make sure your product is completely free and follows the standards as well.

If it is not, you won’t get your seal of approval removed but just obtain guidelines to make sure the product follows the established parameters. Companies that are able to continuously provide gluten-free products will always be certified yearly without problems. And the certification itself brings recognition not only locally but also in a nation and worldwide aspect.

You should be able to notice in the supermarkets or stores some products that meet this characteristic, and many of them are not fabricated in the U.S. This shows you how much a Gluten-Free Certification can help you to reach, although the standards and amount of gluten in the United States are quite different from other countries.

  1. Your products will have a GFC logo in the market.

This helps companies to make a name by themselves and allow customers to go for trustworthy and reliable products without having to read the ingredients and worrying if they are able to consume them or not. Companies that don’t meet the requirements in the gluten-free normative cannot consider themselves able to have this specific logo.

This allows people to know that your company is indeed certified and won’t give them a hard time due to false statements with gluten-free.

  1. They are highly demanded

Unfortunately, there are more people with gluten problems, and buying products without it is starting to grow quite important. Of course, for a company like yours that is dedicated to producing such products or specific ones, it is a good thing. Although the gluten-free industry is considered to be expensive due to the standards and requirements you have to follow and meet, it is also worth it when you start having your revenue.

Therefore, having a certification for this will allow you, unlike many other companies and entrepreneurs, to enter a promising industry. You need to know that this certification provides you the permission to make products and supply supermarkets and stores with them. But also, you can provide restaurants and specific food places without problems.

Should you go for it?

As mentioned before, most of the companies in this industry are usually small ones and completely dedicated to producing gluten-free products. However, if you are aiming for a different goal and trying to integrate this option to your already existing and maybe, large company, you can do it. There are no limitations for people or businesses that want to obtain the certification.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to go for it but if you are rather worried about it being worth it or not, this is something you must determine. The benefits that come with GFC are for specific people and businesses. If you don’t find yourself identified or benefited from them, there is no point in choosing this section or area in the industry. But if you, there’s nothing to think about.