Getting Certified-Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)-ISO PROS #19

Getting Certified & Implementing Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)

Obtaining a certification in gluten-free isn’t difficult at all. Instead, it is quite easy as long as you meet all the requirements and your company and goals are aiming in the right direction. Companies that are trying to obtain one will have to work in their ingredients, the process of making the products or food, and this applies to any type of food. 

This last aspect is something most people do not consider when looking for a certification or just starting a company in the food industry, be it for animals or people. As you might know—or not—, some products are also gluten-free for animals due to diseases or their natural condition and food they can consume. If you are new to this industry, we suggest you research and educate yourself properly about the standard normative and parameters to follow before even jumping for gluten-free options. 

Overall, the GFC is an addition to the current products you fabricate although you might need to make or carry out different changes. However, you still need to meet requirements established in other programs or standards that are regulatory or mandatory in the food industry. Therefore, before getting certified in gluten-free, make sure to research properly about the other ISO standards you might need to follow. 

That being said, these programs and certifications are usually changed and updated periodically. Not every month or year, but it is important to make sure that your company is following the most recent one. 

How can you get certified when you’re ready?

By contacting an organization, accessing a direct Gluten-Free Certification Program, or a validated company. At ISO Pros, we provide GFC for anyone who wants to apply for it and needs it. We will make sure to evaluate the ingredients you use, your processes of manufacturing, packing, and more.

Keep in mind that the regulations and standards established in the document are not only related to the 20 ppm of gluten your products must-have. Instead, they also focus on the rest of the processes until the product is available in the stocks of the supermarket or cabinets of a restaurant. Therefore, there is a lot to work in if you are considering to obtain one and be part of this area of the industry.

That being said, how do you know you are ready to get certified? When you have designated time, efforts, and resources for the project. Meeting the requirements for a GFC will take some time—not months, but rather days and weeks—, which is why we recommend you dedicate enough attention to it.

Now, our company isn’t only there to evaluate you and determine if you meet or not the parameters. We also pay attention to providing you guidelines in case you don’t meet them and need to work in a few aspects.

Or we will provide tips and guidelines since the beginning if you contact us with your inquiries, questions, and doubts. Our job of getting you certified doesn’t involve assessing the company only but also providing support for you to make it happen and get the pertinent seal of approval.

What areas are controlled with GFC?

We mentioned before that we not only consider the ingredients you use but rather all the processes involved in the fabrication of the product. Also, all types of food are included here despite if they are for people or animals. As long as you are aiming for gluten-free products, you will have to go through this program. 


Now, to be more specific with the processes, our company will make sure to assess these:

  • Choosing the ingredients.
  • How the company uses them.
  • If there are additives in your products.
  • The packing processes.
  • The entire manufacturing and revision once they are ready to leave for the designated store.

As for the products and type of food included in the GFC, those are:

  • Pet food.
  • Natural health products.
  • Processed food.
  • The ingredients destined for final food products.
  • Dishes and food in restaurants or other locals.

If you are involved in any of these manufacturing processes or aiming your company for making or taking part in any of this food and ingredients, let us know. Most companies do not understand why this certification involves several areas in the food industry. But gluten control and gluten-free products is something that involves more than the product itself—the final one.

Therefore, there are several aspects and elements to regulate in order to obtain the desired result and meet all requirements. This is why being in the gluten-free area is considered to be troublesome and also, expensive. After all, you have to work in every process and element involved in the fabrication or manufacturing of the products in order to get certified and be able to distribute them or supply businesses.

It takes a lot of work, even more than standard or more common food companies that aren’t aiming for this objective. And this is also what leads companies in this area to be small.

Fabricating and handling gluten-free products is rewarding and worth it when you get used to it. However, since it takes a lot of work to follow standards and parameters, the production isn’t usually in large quantities. Most gluten-free companies are aiming for local stores and businesses they supply if requested or needed.

But few large companies are providing internationally or companies all over the country with this type of product. We are not trying to scare you but rather making sure you are prepared and sure about getting certified and aiming for this area of expertise in the food industry. If you are, just make sure to contact us, ISO Pros, to start getting certified, access our support, and get the seal of approval in no time.

We are available all year round and you can access more information on our website. Or feel free to contact us and let us know what you need, your doubts, and all inquiries.